Richard Chu

Richard Chu


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Who Am I?

Richard’s interest in real estate began many years ago after purchasing and selling multiple properties.  Richard realized that many of his past agents grossly oversimplify the home purchasing & selling experience.  There are many confusing regulations, laws, and strict timelines to every transaction.  Without the proper guidance of a detail-oriented and astute real estate agent, many things can go wrong for the buyer and seller – causing stress and possibly, leaving money on the table.

Don’t trust one of your most expensive investments to a lack-luster real estate agent.  Don’t settle for a smooth-talking salesperson that’ll promise you the world but leave you to do all the work at the end. Choose an agent that has your best interests in mind, an agent that values honesty and transparency and an agent that is technically competent to lead you through a very rigorous transaction experience.

Richard welcomes the opportunity to show you that he is the right agent for your next move.

Chu's the right agent for your next move!

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